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It all started with the big bang!


Big Bang Theory 20in20
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All Members , Moderated
A 20in20 icon challenge community.


1. Up to three people may sign up to make icons for the same character/pairing
2. You cannot choose the same character or pairing two rounds in a row, but alternating every other round is acceptable.
3. You can only enter once per challenge.
4. Your icons need to be new. They cannot be made previously or re-used.
5. Icons must be posted by the time voting begins. Posting is moderated so the mod can be sure all rules were followed.
6. You can either post the icons to the community or link to your own journal. Make sure your personal post is public so that others can see them.
7. When voting, please make sure you are not biased, even if you know who made which icons since they are public before voting.
8. There is no animation unless it is used as a theme for that round (you will be notified on the sign-up page if the round will include animation).
9. Please make sure there is no questionable content (no nudity, etc.). If you are unsure, please just ask!
10. When posting your icons, please put no more than three before the cut as a teaser to prevent cluttering of the first page.

The idea for this community came from merlin20in20 and glee20in20 as well as many others around LiveJournal.

You will have 20 days to make 20 icons featuring a Big Bang Theory character or pairing. There will be three types of sets:
1) ten themed icons which will change month to month
2) a five icon set following one category
3) a five icon set made however the maker chooses. Icons will be voted on by each individual theme, category and artist's choice sets, and individually in the category and artist's choice sets.


1. Pimping
2. Affiliate
3. Banner Makers
4. Sign Ups
5. Time Remaining
6. May's Info
7. Layout Credit

SIGN-UPS POSTED: 21st of month
CHALLENGE STARTS: 1st of month
CHALLENGE ENDS: 20th of month
VOTING STARTS: 21st of month
VOTING ENDS: 26th of month
TIEBREAKER VOTING: 27th of month
ALL VOTING ENDS: 29th of month
WINNERS POSTED: 30th of month

NOTE: There is no tiebreaker voting in February.